All grown up . . . and still growing

When Misty and Delaney Tyon (FACES cover, Winter ’11) stopped by the office today, we hardly recognized the little boy who is now starting eighth grade and is taller than his mother. The talented young skier leaves Saturday to head back to Treasure Mountain in Park City, UT, where he will start school and also begin dry-land training for the upcoming winter season. Delaney says he will start skiing on man-made snow in October–or whenever the real stuff starts falling. Misty, who is the office manager at Manderson School, is grateful that her son has recovered so quickly from a surgery in May where a bone was removed from one of his ankles. His instructors believe he will ski even better now. Delaney is currently 5’6″ tall, on the way to a projected 6’3″, according to his doctors. That’s a lot of skis and ski boots to buy in the interim!

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