Annie and Marty Andrews

by Michelle Mullenerg Paweiski

It all started with Walter – a 15 or 16-year-old yellow lab with severe hip dysplasia, a broken leg that never healed properly, very little hearing and no voice box.

Walter was set to live out the remainder of his life in a shelter in Douglas, Wyoming. That was until Annie Andrews saw his photo on Pet Finder, a nation-wide online pet adoption website. After watching Walter for several months, Annie told her husband Marty they needed to bring Walter home. “No one was going to adopt him,” Annie says of the elderly pooch.

She didn’t have to say one more word to Marty and they were on their way to Wyoming. “We knew he didn’t have much time to live. We adopted him and didn’t even know if he would make it home,” says Marty, as he cuddles on the couch with Charlotte, another one of the couple’s senior dogs and his “BFF (Best Friend Forever).” The couple took Walter home and watched as he spent most of the next month sleeping, waking for maybe a half hour each day.  Annie and Marty figured that the sweet dog was not long for this world. But one day something changed. “Walter was up in the hallway, peeked around the corner, and all of sudden came to life. I distinctly remember that day because he was a completely different dog,” Annie recalls.

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