Barb Felderman-2010 Anniversary Story

Barb Felderman just shakes her head when we tell her she still looks the same as she did when she coached our basketball team back in the late seventies. Perhaps the secret to looking young is surrounding yourself with young talented people (like they have at SDSM&T) for 35 years. But whatever the case, Barb is still doing what she loves best: taking the brightest students and turning them into the best athletes.  The farm girl from Doland has been remodeling her house this summer and trekking across the state to spend time with her parents, Donna, 81, and Merle, who turned 90 this year.  The competitive spirit that Barb is known for still drives her—and still inspires referees to keep their heads in the game. And for the record, Barb says she has no retirement plans—which means that those who have never seen Barb in action can still do so.  The action on the court is always worth coming out for; watching Barb on the bench is a bonus.

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