Bill Walsh and Jo Roebuck-Pearson

It was cool and breezy outside Bill Walsh and Jo Roebuck-Pearson’s Dark Canyon home, but inside a fire burned in the fireplace and tea brewed in the kitchen. Candles were lit throughout the renovated cabin located in Dark Canyon in West Rapid City, and a buffalo skin rug decorated the floor. Jo, ever the gracious hostess, offered me the best seat – a comfortable, antique rocking chair. While we chatted, she unwrapped a bar of dark chocolate and offered me a piece, along with my choice of tea served on French china. Jo was dressed in a floor-length midnight blue skirt with matching top, complete with pearls at her neck and wrist. Bill wore a western shirt, slacks and his cowboy boots. He was minus his trademark white cowboy hat – the very hat that landed him a front row seat at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver and on the front page of the New York Times. But that’s a story for later. Read the rest of this story in the Summer 2013 FACES.

By Lynn Taylor Rick

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