Gayla Slaughter

Don’t let Gayla Slaughter’s soft Texas twang fool you.

She can make herself heard when she needs to.

The Rapid City woman and her husband, Dwain, are four years into a long, complicated international adoption that she’s still fighting to finalize.

“I’ve learned, in our nearly four years of doing this, that sometimes to get something done you just have to go …  you just have to go and be a squeaky wheel,” Gayla said. “Because these kids are worth fighting for.  Michelet is worth fighting for.”

Michelet (pronounced Mee-sha-lay)  is a 7-year-old disabled Haitian orphan with an adorable smile and a personality to match. After six trips to Haiti since 2011, Gayla and Dwain finally brought him home to Rapid City on a temporary medical visa in July 2015. They got him here with a lot of assistance from several local health care providers who have donated services to meet Michelet’s medical needs.

(Read the rest of this story in Spring 2016 FACES)

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