Jordyn Younger

By Kelly J. Riibe

Jordyn Younger had to miss out on her senior prom this past April, but she was not at all sad about it.

“I was doing what I love and performing…I would have chosen that any day over a dance,”explained the 18-year-old from Jefferson, South Dakota, who skipped prom in order to play the lead in the Sioux City Community Theater’s production of The Music Man.

Lots of people felt bad for Jordyn when they heard she missed out on a senior year milestone to be in a musical, but Jordyn was ecstatic, and she still got to do plenty of dancing that night. Her tap number as the lead role, Marian the Librarian, had audiences cheering.

Singing and performing in public comes pretty natural to Jordyn, who recently graduated from high school as valedictorian of her class. Not surprisingly, she has been belting out tunes from a very young age. “I would sing basically wherever anyone would listen to me. Music was always, ALWAYS, in my life.”

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