Marnie Cook

By Karen Psiaki

All beings are born with an instinct for self-protection. Some choose to fight. Some choose to hide. Some can do both simultaneously. Complicated humans often seem prickly. They make the weak of heart fade away before getting the chance to really know them.

Marnie Cook has been just that sort of inscrutable, and sometimes prickly person for me. I first met her through her music. I have been listening to her local news broadcasts for ten years. Then we worked together at the same radio group. She has been to my home for dinner. We share the same political views. She is still a mystery. That’s why I jumped at the chance to write a story about her. She is smart and quick and has a way with words. Then it hit me:  it’s not about the words. I was finally able to see her – writing a story is a little like painting a portrait – when I stopped parrying words with her and just looked. There’s a fine and elegant beauty in her face that is also fragile. That was the key.

Read the rest of this story in Summer ’17 FACES

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