Melissa Masters

by Beth Palmer

One of the first questions I ask in a FACES interview is, “where were you born?” It is also one of the easiest to answer, and with most people, the answer rolls right off their tongue. So I was surprised when local veterinarian Melissa Masters hesitated—and then laughed.

“Well, I was almost born in the back of my parents’ truck,” she says, with a grin. “I think they made it to the hospital 20 minutes before I was born.” Melissa doesn’t recall the city, but the state was Virginia, and nearly being born in the semi was fitting, as she would spend a lot of her early years there.

Her parents had their own over-the-road trucking company, and when their daughter was born in 1985, it became her second home too. “I missed a lot of school,” Melissa says, with a shrug. “I slept in the “dog house.” It was the warmest place to be.”

Being so young, Melissa doesn’t recall much of the country she and her parents traveled through, but has pretty clear memories of the truck itself. “I just remember spending a lot of time in there,” she says. Whether or not she knew it at the time, these early excursions around the country likely spurred her sense of adventure and love of traveling.

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