Mike Gould

By James Van Nuys

“First,” I said, beginning my interview with vigneron Mike Gould, “We might as well get the basic “where-are-you-from” stuff out of the way.”

“I was born by candlelight during a tornado in Park Rapids, Minnesota,” said Mike, in a Minnesota accent.

“In a log cabin?” I asked, thinking his story sounded a bit Lincoln-esque.

“No, in a hospital,” Mike replied.

“A log hospital?” I persisted, still unable to picture it.

“It was a regular hospital,” Mike explained patiently, “The electricity was off because of the tornado.” (And here I’ll have to ask the reader to imagine the word “tornado” in a Minnesota accent.)

I had to give him credit for an original where-are-you-from story, but then, Mike Gould is an original kind of guy.

Read the rest of this story in Summer ’17 FACES

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