Issue #42 Fall 2015


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Eight Years of Curves

I joined The FACES magazine crew as jack-of-all-trades in the winter of 2007. I had told the publishers that I would write about artists but I was lying; I was already sick of writing about art and artists after doing it for the Rapid City Journal for ten years. I never did write any art-related stories for FACES, but drifted …

Time Travel 101

Time Travel 101 James Van Nuys hits the road in search of his past. By James Van Nuys “You can’t go home again.” The rule was originally stated by the writer Thomas Wolfe,  though  I  don’t  think  he  ever  attempted  to  enforce  it.  In  fact,  he  was  dead  by  1940,  when “You  Can’t Go Home Again” was published, so he …

LEARNING CURVE: Chocolate 101

JAMES AND THE GIANT TRUFFLE By James Van Nuys I suspect that many of my long-time readers are going to wonder what would motivate a highly– well, moderately–respected journalist to disguise himself as a chipmunk and then immerse himself in chocolate. This is easily explained. Firstly, a respected journalist will do anything for attention and secondly, my editor told me …

Learning Curve: Norwegian Dancing 101

Norsky and Dutch Ann Henrichsen and James Van Nuys Get in Touch With Their Inner Viking OUR LEARNING CURVE ASSIGNMENT: TO BECOME OLE AND LENA. We would eat Norwegian food, sing Norwegian songs, wear Norwegian clothes, dance Norwegian dances, and laugh at Norwegian jokes. FACES advertising director Ann Henrichsen is, in fact, one fourth Norwegian, but of the non-observing variety, …

Learning Curve: Hunting 101

BYE BYE BIRDIE! By James Van Nuys Photographer/Target: Beth Palmer PROLOGUE OK, so this artist goes hunting with a businessman, a hatmaker, and two priests. Seriously, this is not a joke; it really happened. I had asked my friend Pete Lien, CEO of Pete Lien and Sons, (named after his grandfather) if he’d take me hunting so that I could …

Learning Curve: Rock Climbing 101

PARTNERS IN CLIMB James Van Nuys gets an altitude adjustment from a local climbing expert My eyes popped open at 3:30 a.m. It was the Fourth of July and it was the last day of my life. I suspected that my Maker had “issues” with some of the thingsI had done but I knew that a detailed confession of my …

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