Issue #44 Spring 2016


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Gayla Slaughter

Don’t let Gayla Slaughter’s soft Texas twang fool you. She can make herself heard when she needs to. The Rapid City woman and her husband, Dwain, are four years into a long, complicated international adoption that she’s still fighting to finalize. “I’ve learned, in our nearly four years of doing this, that sometimes to get something done you just have …

The Enigmatic Sandra Brannan

By day, Sandra Brannan searches for 200 years-worth of rock quarry reserves in South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana and North Dakota, as an industrial engineer for her family’s business, Pete Lien & Sons. By night, Sandra—who is called “Sam” among her friends, family and acquaintances—can be found writing. She is the author of a published murder mystery series featuring heroine …

The Kicklands

The Kickland’s just bought their first home here in Rapid City. It’s modest and unassuming at first glance, but just inside the front door, a quick look around whispers of their past and their passions. In every corner an unexpected sculpture or art piece catches the eye. “That’s what’s always been comfortable,” Ryan says, as he watches me ooh-ing and …


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