Issue #48 Summer 2017


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Steve Babbitt

By Michelle Mullenberg Pawelski Steve Babbitt sits on the deck of his Rapid City home on a warm summer morning enjoying a cup of coffee and reminiscing about a life well lived.  He and his wife Nancy, a family practice doctor in Rapid City, built their beautiful home behind hole 5 of a local golf course – slightly ironic since …

Michael Turgeon

By Molly Barari Michael Turgeon has experienced a Cinderella story of the soul. The 46-year-old from Rapid City occasionally runs his hands through his long, dark hair as he shares his story at Essence of Coffee. He never loses eye contact, not even to sip from his cup of hot tea, as he speaks. He is eloquent and warm, smiling …

Mike Gould

By James Van Nuys “First,” I said, beginning my interview with vigneron Mike Gould, “We might as well get the basic “where-are-you-from” stuff out of the way.” “I was born by candlelight during a tornado in Park Rapids, Minnesota,” said Mike, in a Minnesota accent. “In a log cabin?” I asked, thinking his story sounded a bit Lincoln-esque. “No, in …

Marnie Cook

By Karen Psiaki All beings are born with an instinct for self-protection. Some choose to fight. Some choose to hide. Some can do both simultaneously. Complicated humans often seem prickly. They make the weak of heart fade away before getting the chance to really know them. Marnie Cook has been just that sort of inscrutable, and sometimes prickly person for …

Tony Smoragiewicz

By Jaclyn Lanae At just 23 years old, Tony Smoragiewicz is well on his way to becoming a world-class triathlete. To put a triathlete’s skill-set into perspective, one must swim 750 meters, bike 20 kilometers, and then run a 5k. That’s nearly a half-mile in the water, nearly 12.5 miles on a bicycle, and three miles running—one right after the …

Jordyn Younger

By Kelly J. Riibe Jordyn Younger had to miss out on her senior prom this past April, but she was not at all sad about it. “I was doing what I love and performing…I would have chosen that any day over a dance,”explained the 18-year-old from Jefferson, South Dakota, who skipped prom in order to play the lead in the …

Sophia Beatty

By Michelle Muellenberg Pawelski It only takes a minute to fall in love with the passionate singing of Sophia Beatty. The 20-year- old mesmerizes her audience with the deep soulfulness of music legends like Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Whitney Houston. Sophia sings like she has been doing it since birth. No one would ever guess this young musician once …

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