Issue #49 Fall 2017


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Jacob Rosales

By Jessica Glenn Hallstrom On South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation, home to the Oglala Lakota people, many students only dream of going to college. More than 60 percent of children on the reservation live below the poverty line. Statewide, the high school graduation rate for Native American students is less than 50 percent. And life expectancy in Oglala Lakota County, …

Ryan Heine

By Kelly J. Riibe Swaying wheat, corn stalks lined up at attention, rich soybean plants basking in the sun, and pastures that stretch to the horizon are common sights throughout the beautiful state of South Dakota. Farming and ranching in the region often include acres upon acres that have been in the same family for generations. Farmers are proud of …

George Mandas

By Karen Psiaki I don’t put much stock in ethnicity. I’m an American of mixed European ancestry: Swedish, German, English, Dutch, Scottish, and Greek. I like to think that I am me, and that “me” is something more than a bunch of ethnic threads woven together. But I was taken aback when I sat down recently with George Mandas to …

Polly Donaldson

By Molly Barari Polly Donaldson’s room at Clarkson Health Care is small but cozy, with framed pictures of her family lining her dressers and shelves. As she sits and chats with me for our FACES interview, her face brightens as she recalls memories from long ago. She smiles as she talks, as if the memories are becoming more vivid. Her …

Jeff Hauser

By Jaclyn Lanae He isn’t a tall man, but Jeff Hauser’s presence is as big as the Montana sky – the place he calls home. While he currently lives in, and loves, the Black Hills, it was the wilds of his home state of Montana where Jeff found the peace and solitude that now define his life. Born the oldest …

Hector Curriel

By Marcella Prokop The little girl sat on the edge of the tile walkway, vibrant lemons, limes, tomatoes and cabbages stacked around her. In front on her, on the traditional woven wool blanket, mounds of greens and slices of cut squash reflected more of Peru’s vibrant rainbow. She smiled at the tourists visiting Cuzo, Peru, called out the types of …

Nicole Heenan

By Michelle Muellenberg Pawelski Nicole Heenan’s life is chaotic. She runs her own yoga and massage business, is a mental health counselor at the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center, works part time at Scovel Psychological and Counseling Services, is the state president of the American Association of University Women, and is a single mom of teenage twin boys. While her days …

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