Sophia Beatty

By Michelle Muellenberg Pawelski

It only takes a minute to fall in love with the passionate singing of Sophia Beatty. The
20-year- old mesmerizes her audience with the deep soulfulness of music legends
like Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Whitney Houston. Sophia sings like she has
been doing it since birth. No one would ever guess this young musician once hated
singing– and even turned down an opera scholarship.

“I just recently started enjoying singing. I actually hated it and didn’t ever want to do
it,” said Sophia. It wasn’t until the anniversary of her father’s death this past January
when she truly began to accept her calling. “Tragedy definitely helped me open my
eyes to what really matters and how important it is to trust in God’s plan. God has
constantly been telling me to sing, but it wasn’t until my dad’s passing that I decided
to take life more seriously. I realized that life is short, and I should pursue what
God’s plan was for me. And soon after I agreed to pursue it, I began to love it.”

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