Steve Babbitt

By Michelle Mullenberg Pawelski

Steve Babbitt sits on the deck of his Rapid City home on a warm summer morning enjoying a cup of coffee and reminiscing about a life well lived.  He and his wife Nancy, a family practice doctor in Rapid City, built their beautiful home behind hole 5 of a local golf course – slightly ironic since neither of them play golf. But Steve likes irony; in fact, iron and beauty are what Steve looks for in each photograph he takes.

For nearly five decades, Steve has been looking through the lens of a camera, seeking images that take your breath away–whether it’s a sunset landscape or a group of jubilant youth cooling off in the heat of summer. The passion for his craft is evident. “A lot of my best photographs are filled with beauty and irony – an image that is really beautiful but then you notice an ironic twist.”

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